Heading Numbers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Google Docs add-on Heading Numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions that you might have about the this automatic heading numbering add-on. If you don’t find your question here, you can ask one at the bottom.

How do I get this awesome add-on?

  1. Head on over to your Google Drive
  2. Open your document
  3. Choose “Add-ons”, then “Get add-ons…” from the menu bar
  4. Search for “Heading numbers”
  5. Once you found it, press the “+ FREE” button.

How do I add automatic heading numbering?

If the add-on is installed, choose “Add-ons” -> “Heading numbers“, and then choose your style.

How do I update the heading numbers?

Update the automatic heading numbering by choosing “Add-ons” -> “Heading numbers” -> “Update“.

How do i clear/remove the heading numbers?

To remove the numbering, choose “Add-ons” -> “Heading numbers” -> “Clear“.

Can I define my own custom numbering style?

Yes. Previously, this was a premium feature, but now it is free for anyone!

Can I remove numbering that has not been added by this plugin?

At this time, only heading numbering that has automatically been added by the Heading Numbering add-on can be cleared.

Some of my the heading numbers are not removed when changing or clearing the heading numbering. Why is that?

The add-on relies on special characters that enclose the numberings. If you have manually changed your heading, chances are that you might have accidentally deleted or moved these special characters. If you are certain that this is not the case Рplease file an issue on GitHub.

I have an awesome idea for a feature you can add – do you want to hear it?

YES! Of course I do. Please contact me or, better yet, register it as a feature request on GitHub.

No numbering appears in the document, why is that?

Heading Numbers relies on the text styles applied to different elements in the text. To use the plugin, it is important that you use the Heading 1-6 text styles. Refer to Googles documentation on how to add this. The use of headings defines the outline of the document (and hence the heading numbering). To review the document outline, check Googles documentation on the topic. If your headings aren’t numbered, chances are they are not shown in the outline. If they are not shown in the outline, it’s because you haven’t used the Heading 1-6 text styles.

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