Heading Numbers for Google Docs

Add heading numbers to your Google Documents using the simple add-on Heading Numbers! I’ve been looking high and low for a good add-on that will allow me to add heading numbers to my Google Documents, but no luck yet. I’ve tried Table of Contents by LumApps and Paragraph Styles by Filipe Werneck, but they both only allow me to add digits in the form of 1.2.3. But we need more, don’t we?

This add-on for Google Docs is the simplest way to add any custom numbering style to your Google Docs headings.

Heading Numbers for Google Documents is a add-on that allow you to heading numbering styles to any Google Document. The heading numbering relies on the document structure to identify headings of level 1 through 6, and number them according to their level.

How to get it

Get it now


  1. Head on over to your Google Drive
  2. Open your document
  3. Choose “Add-ons”, then “Get add-ons…” from the menu bar
  4. Search for “Heading numbers” – or “heading” – or “numbers” …
  5. Once you found it, press the “+ FREE” button.


  • Add any of 7 predefined numbering styles
    • 1.2.3 – Digits without trailing dot
    • 1.2.3. – Digits with trailing dot
    • a.b.c – Lowercase letters
    • A.B.C – Uppercase letters
    • i.ii.ii – Lowercase roman
    • I.II.III – Uppercase roman
    • 1) a) i) – Changing style followed by a trailing parenthesis
  • Clear heading numbers

The following video shows the functionality of the Heading Numbers add-on functionality. It is simple, but necessary.

Custom numbering styles

As of June 2018, all users of Heading Numbers will have access to custom numbering functionality.

Any problems?

Check the FAQ or register a bug over on GitHub.

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